What`s up? I think I`m in the twilight zone


I have been following this forum very regularly. So far, I haven’t had any major complaints about the performance of the Chia software. I use Windows operating system, I have a small farm. For the last two years, I have had several blocks (2-6) a month regularly, for the last 4 months…none. Everything theoretically works as it should. No serious error messages, average times are approximately 300-400 ms (rarely, max. 1,500). I know conversations about statistical distributions and bad luck. However, after leaving version 1.8, I have a bad feeling. Part of the farm is OG, part is in the pool - 100% correct partials and in good time. Ladies & Gentlemen - any ideas, advice, recommendations…?

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You haven’t said what size the farm it is, but if the pool side is OK, and there are no errors in the logs for the OG plots it’s likely bad luck.

ETW : 11 days.
Bad luck about 1 000%…

read around, there are dozens of complains like yours.

chia corp messed up big time. official client doesnt win in a proper rate since version 1.8 at least

It does seem rather extreme, but possible. Perhaps it’s time to replot those OG plots so you can pool them.

I noticed conclusions, reservations, complaints… I think it’s time to install version 2.1.1 (I’m currently on 2.0.1). Due to this permanent lack of winning blocks - I’m “terrified” to stop the system even for 1 minute… I have a real vision that I could match the proof just then, and after returning (and skipping the winnings) I will have to wait 4 months again with 0.6 PiB. …

I have been making plot on the second machine for a few days now and I am switching it to the pool part. That was my conclusion - when I couldn’t think of anything else. I feel sorry for the pool - so far I have been “contributing to the pool” - for less than a month - “the pool works for me” (I receive more than I win for the pool).

with 0.6 PiB you should do solid compress stuff like c18/c19, forget about OG plots they are gone

From the beginning I plot all K33 from C0. I was below ETW for two years… I think I angered the crypto gods… :wink: Besides, I was hoping that my “proofs” would be faster without compression… :wink:
In fact, I don’t like the idea of chia powered by GPU (soon ASIC?). I know this will seem irrational to most of you. I wanted to create a farm and leave it to work, without constant “revolutions”. I know that the nature of the world is constant change, but at least in this small piece of my digital life, I was looking for a “toy” that I could wind up and… watch it work for years. Just a little IT whim. Eh…

I just want to be sure that…"the assembled system…works!”

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I think you had a wrong approach then. K33 isn’t nessecary. Also I had a long dry period of 6months with OG plots. I reploted everything with C5 as plotNFT, now I have constant wins.

Until the end of May everything was fine - even the OGs (about 40%, now about 20%) were working. Looking further away, if XCH “surprises” and flies high - whether I have 0.6 PiB or 1 PiBe, it will be enough for me. I am not interested in compression or buying new HDDs. With the current view of what’s going on - I’m much happier having an interesting topic with guests in my house when they point to a neat, condensed station, giving them a “lecture” on the CHIA cryptocurrency (most are beyond the IT madness). …with an ace up its sleeve - why it is more ecological than the well-known bitcoin. Those with better knowledge ask about graphics cards and why they are not there… There is a “field and place” for futuristic discussions and at the same time taking care of other business. Mr. Bram would be proud of me… :wink:

And K33 so that they “last” longer - at the beginning of 2021, the situation was not so clear in this matter.

your outrage will soon subside and you will come to the inexorable conclusion that you just need one video card for 200 bucks to increase your farm by more than one and a half times and return to your normal winning level

its up to you

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You can quite easily farm chia Bladebit compressed plots C1 to C5 without a GPU, that gains the biggest increase without the need for a GPU. Using a GPU to plot increases the speed of plotting, actually decreasing power usage as its so much quicker.

The whole point of getting everything on a pool is because its the easiest way to see if something is wrong, then you can investigate further.

Anyway, its your choice.


thank you for your advice and support!
I wish you All many successful blocks!

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With 0.6 PiB, if you get a cuda GPU min 8 GB, you can make BB C7 compressed plots and have a farm of 0.78 PiB. !
You can gain % 30 space with compressed plots.
I had 430 TiB farm and now its 572 TiB! In spacepool, I get % 30 percent more!

Or create C15 plots from nossd and have 1.2 PiB. 3060Ti should be enough to farm this.

If you got 2-6 blocks regularly per month for 2 years, then your luck is actually quite good for 600TiB :wink:

I don’t know I’ve had some periods of quite regular block wins, and dry spells of months. (400TiB), sometimes 3-4 blocks only a few days apart.

Your chance to not win a block for 60 days, is about 0.5%. That sounds really low, but when you think about it that also means that it happens to 1 in 200 farmers. With 100.000 farmers, that means it happens to 500 farmers. 4 month is much lower chance of course, but still very much possible.

block are being made and won at expected rates, with 72% of farmers on version 2.x.x

Upgrading might be a good idea anyway if you’re worried something is up with that particular version. Just for a bit of peace of mind.
I recognize your fear of shutting down, but consider this: I shut down to switch upgrade my machien for replotting, and won a block 26 minutes after turning iot back on :grin:
So sometimes it works the other way around as well.

Another option is to join Foxypool OG pool to eliminate more “risk”



all clear…
I counted carefully today - as of today my luck is: 945.45%.
This is probably a penalty for May and the luck is below 50% (in terms of the entire month, 6 blocks in 30 days with ETW 11 days)…
4 blocks were from OG.
I promise that I will no longer spam “with regrets” - I will let you know only when I receive the block reward.

Has become!
The system works.
I hope that in the long run the statistics will be more favorable for me… :slight_smile:
Wow… I finally got the block:


My (un)luck is 1090%.
Never again!

I wish you all, dear Farmers, greater happiness!


I broke the probability chart twice (2x60 days)…
Oh, those statistics…
Probability only works on really huge numbers.
The schedules can sometimes be really…surprising…!


Everyone who plotted K33 from the beginning that I know of did really well and were better pool performers overall. Not sure why and I don’t have direct evidence to prove but in the pool I am in for two years the 3PB farmer in our pool who plotted only K33’s was a very consistent winner.

Not so much anymore now that Netspace is going bonkers.

It sounds like you had very good performance as well until now.

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