Which SSD M.2 NVME to use for plotting?

I have just looked at 3 NVME M.2 Gen 4 SSDs. Which one shall I buy? I have read that Corsair doesn’t work properly on longterm reading and writing. Samsung has a low TBW. And from another thread about another version of Seagate SSD ( Barracuda) there was apparently a problem.

Seagate FireCuda 520 2 TB, SSD NVME M.2 Gen 4.
Read: 5000 MB/s
Write: 4400 MB/s
TBW: 3600

Corsair Force MP600 2 TB, SSD NVME M.2 Gen 4.
Read: 4950 MB/s
Write: 4250 MB/s
TBW: 3600

Samsung 980 PRO 2 TB, SSD NVME M.2 Gen 4.
Read: 7000 MB/s
Write: 5100 MB/s
TBW: 600

Can somebody help me?

I don’t think there is a right or wrong answer here, you need to look at the numbers and decide what you want…

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these read/write speeds are correct for the first short burst, then they drop off like crazy, hence why they are so slow.

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Rocket (not the plus one) are pick of the bunch for me, high sustained, good TBW, no SLC. You can get a P5510 for roughly the same price as 2 rockets but not sure how it compares vs temp1/2 on rockets.