Why is core-pool be censored here?

No one knows if they are legit or not. If you don’t have proof that they are not legit is is not a great idea to censor things we don’t understand. We shouldn’t have to trust anyone and unfortunately the well funded centralized Chia development team put us all in this situation. Just because windows and anti-virus show the programs as a threat doesn’t mean anything. There are all kinds of false positives.

I personally am not using a pool because both pools have asked me to trust them and the risk is unclear to me.

When mining ETH to a pool, I am asked to have the same trust but the risk for me is rather low compared to mining XCH with a pool in today’s ecosystem. With an ETH pool I don’t have to install anything special on my mining rigs, my risk is I loose the ETH I’ve mined between withdraws due to an exit scam. With these pools you are installing someone’s code on your network. My XCH mining network is isolated from my other networks, but I risk losing my plots (as I give 3rd party access to them).

It shouldn’t matter if we don’t know who they are (the owners/developers). I’d rather not.

Again, the Chia development team put us all in this situation.

@codinghorror - You say

It is not clear if this is a legit service or not. Install executables on your machine at your own risk.

It is not clear if Chia is a legit service or not and it never will be… and that is ok. Don’t be part of the censorship crowd.


Well i can understand admins decision in this case. I don’t know if you read the posts in the topic, but virus scanners going off, no info on website, just registered…cause enough for concern.

Because it is an advertisement for a commercial service and not a private comment, leaving it up feels like endorsing it from the forum’s point of view.

I don’t know if there is the option to just put a warning on it but leave it open, as it does seem useful information for new members to find if they might be considering joining.


I get it, but we can’t be everyone’s mommy (or mum). It could be totally legit. Unfortunately no pool service has any choice but to operate in a way with that has a significant compromise because of the lack of pool support by the well funded Chia dev team.

By taking this down and leaving other things up (like HPool and other tools people are sharing) they are then endorsing those per the logic you posted here.

Official pools are not out yet.

Any one can give advise, a stranger telling me not to use a service which may or may not cause problems, it’s up to you but as a community we stick together and share each others experience.

I was reluctant to use hpool (check my past post’s) but I gave in as like so many others.

I choose hpool over core purely because they been around longer.

I would never promote either without a warning

What is an official pool? OFFICIAL is the opposite of how things are supposed to work.

Personal warning is one thing… meaning you warn someone… A forum admin censoring is another.

I don’t really mean to argue, I get where you’re coming from

But on the other hand, the censoring argument always hits a switch somehow, probably because i’ve been an admin myself :sweat_smile:

It’s a privately run forum, owned, maintained and ruled by the people who set it up.
Their space, their rules, their choices.
Got nothing to do with censoring, it’s just choosing what you do and do not want on your forum, that’s all


@whoismoses you are throwing a lot of accusations around here. Let’s be clear, locking a thread is not “censorship”. If you have spent time on any forum before you will know that threads get locked for many different reasons.

As a general point, and to echo what @voodoo is saying, forum owners are the ones who bear the legal risk of the content they host. Where there are red flags (and there are a lot with this particular pool), it is completely understandable, and very sensible, to err on the side of caution.

The message is, and has always been: inform yourself, make your own choices, and be careful.

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@ChiaPlotsFast - I think you need to read my post above again and the linked thread. Me and other questioning these kinds of things is a good thing.

The only accusation I have made is censorship. This is a single accusation. Not “a lot”, not two, only one. Let’s not make things up.

Yea, I know threads get locked for different reasons. This particular thread was locked with a stated reason. I’m saying it is censorship. Again, my only accusation and it is a non-threatening accusation at that. The thread where the legitimacy of this pool was happening was locked. Locking the thread does a disservice to this forum where we are here to have open conversation about Chia, plotting, farming, pools, …

I highly doubt there is legal risk in this situation.

I would say there are more red flags with Chia itself than this pool. But when people bring them up here, reddit, or keybase they get shamed and censored in some cases.

Not when it comes to sharing information. This excuse can be used to censor a lot of topics that will ultimately hurt communities.

Yes this should be the message, but the message sent by censoring that topic is that we will protect you and you don’t need to inform yourself, trust us, you don’t need to make your own choices, trust your forum admins, and you don’t need to be too careful as long as someone in the forum says it is ok, trust us (remember that script for speeding up syncing posted here an other places, so safe, so trustworthy)…

not sure what the problem is, seems that some of the chiaforum community have doubt about the the site, and if the forum leaders believe it to be more harm full than use full it’s their right to censor ban what ever… if you believe it’s wrong to censor, you make your point and move on to a community that supports the pool.
locking the thread, censoring it what ever it’s not a big deal unless you have invested interest in the topic. if you do maybe this forum is not what your looking for.

may be a few weeks down the road you’ll see people praising the pool but for now there’s doubt about the site


It didn’t take long for the bullies to come out. Someone has a different opinion or thinks about something differently you ask them to leave… So inclusive.

Really? Really? Really? It’s only a problem if it impacts you? You don’t care about it otherwise? Seriously? Did you really mean that?

I’m not sure it violated any terms of service from the forum. The admin certainly didn’t site any.

how is that bullying… your still here, and we are all listening to your concerns, i gave a comment to what i believe might have happend, by your definition your the bully forcing your opinion on to me.

yes, i look at forum topics i read topics that i am interested in, the ones i’m not i ignore

users had concerns from what i read.

You told me leave because I questioned something a mod did. I’m not like you / don’t believe the same things you do so you told me to leave.

Ok, I forgive you.

And? Users have concerns about Chia itself… Should be censor Chia posts?

You are really boring … get a life.

Seems time for my daily “everybody be chill, please” message. It’s Saturday, be happy!


from my understanding as a forum user this forum started to help people with the chia project not pools, i never said leave i said move to a community that supports the pool. by that i ment if you want core pool stuff go to a site that supports them… if you miss understood me or i didn’t explain properly now you know… also i should explain my first language isn’t English.

ok for some, i had to work

Do we have a policy on censorship? What can and cannot be discussed?

If yer looking fer an argument please go to reddit.