Will higher ram result in faster plotting times?

Hi all, in a general sense. I have 8 cores 16 threads system. (Technically ) able to parallel plot 8 plots with 32gb ram. However, my system is 64gb ram if instead of 4000 ram 2 threads. If i increase the ram to 6750 2 threads, will i result in faster plotting times?

No. You’re going to be IO limited more than RAM. Or CPU limited depending on how old your CPU is. But most likely IO limited.

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Not faster but in some circumstances will allow you to run more plots in parallel

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my situation is i7 10700F 8 cores 16 threads with 64gb 3200dram 2x2tb m.2 nvme with a 512sata ssd (OS) with a few 16tb external hdd.

i am currently still figuring out what is the optimal plot settings for my scenario.

4000 ram 2 threads (8plots) parallel?
6750ram 4threads (4 plots) parallel?

technically from what i read and the response, my 8 cores can only do 8 parallel.

any suggestions?

Yes, I observed, but not measured slight increase of speed when I went from 3 GB to 5 GB per job.

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Yeah adding memory is one of the worst things to do, it has basically negligible effect on plot times. Adding threads on the other hand, going to 4 is like 10-15% faster, and 6 is maybe 2% faster.


Exactly. My main plotting machine has 64GB of RAM and I can’t get it to use more than about 30GB of that. Maybe when my new faster SSDs arrive it will :slight_smile:

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Adding threads…so you could do potentially something like 3 threads for 2 plots where (speaking loosely) each plot is using 1.5 cores?

Possibly! People tend to add threads in batches of 2 for some reason, but I’d be curious to see a test of 3 threads vs 2 vs 4. I did some testing of my own here:


IO was mentioned in one of the recent YT vids, how do we go about checking / calculating IO available before we hit the limit?

Do you think going from an i7-9700K to a 5950x would result in a noticeable difference in plotting time?

I’m using 5950x and my plots are around 15.4k with 4t and 6750 mem.

Dougie, how many rams are u running at. Thinking of upgrading too… 15.4 plots a day? Or at once. How many plots a day

That was 4 plots with 36min stagger I think (32gb) Totally changed now and trying to get it all working on ubuntu but couldn’t even get 1 plot finished in 10 hrs with 1hr stagger. 64gb arriving tomorrow so going to fresh install and try again.

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