You can pause plots in Windows by selecting text in the console

heya everyone

dont know if is a windows bug, or is only me,
but if anyone want, try these steps to reproduce it:

Instead of use Power Shell, use a batch file with this (name it *.bat)

cd C:\Users\{YOUR_USERNAME}\AppData\Local\chia-blockchain\app-{VERSION}\resources\app.asar.unpacked\daemon
.\chia plots create -k 32 -b 3400 -r 2 -u 128 -t E:\temp -d G:\plots -n 20

this will start a new plot

you can check the amount of resources comsumed.

Select some text with left mouse button, in the CMD window

now check the resources consumed

to continue the plotting, you only need to right click in CMD window

can anyone test and whats the explanation for this?

just found this cuz had selected some text and the plot was like freezed xD

EDIT: my system is in spanish but “Muy Alta” means “Very High” and “Muy Baja” means “Very Low”.

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It was mentioned 3 weeks ago here:

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it will give errors in the final file?

So this entire post is “selecting text in the console window pauses the console activity”?

Easy to test with a set of sleep commands, if so.

i wanted to be the more detailed possible :rofl:

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Ok so let’s test. Here’s my script:

echo "hello! starting..."
sleep 5; echo "hello after 5 secs..."
sleep 5; echo "hello after 10 secs..."
sleep 5; echo "hello after 15 secs..."
sleep 5; echo "hello after 20 secs..."
sleep 5; echo "hello after 25 secs..."
sleep 5; echo "hello after 30 secs..."
echo "finished!"

I saved it as test1.ps1 in my user folder. When I run it normally…

PS C:\Users\jatwo> .\test.ps1
hello! starting...
hello after 5 secs...
hello after 10 secs...
hello after 15 secs...
hello after 20 secs...
hello after 25 secs...
hello after 30 secs...

OK same thing but I will select text while it is running… yes, confirmed, it never advances:

You see how I have selected text there, “after 10”. No other console text appears. Pressing esc to cancel the selection – or pressing enter to copy the selection – lets the console continue working. Make sure you don’t have text selected in the console, press enter or esc to be sure, I guess?

Thanks for sharing! I do think this was kinda known, but now hopefully more people know about it :wink:

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if you’re on Windows, I have had luck going to Resource Monitor and suspending plotting processes. It picks it back up afterwards. Typically it only gets used for me if I end up playing Warzone or something :slight_smile:


This gave me an idea - couldn’t we run the plotter inside a VM and then just suspend the whole VM as needed? Disk IO and processor performance should be close to native on any modern architecture…

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Yes! That topic is here


I’ve had people say it does work. But there’s only one way to find out :stuck_out_tongue:


Absolutely, I’ve done this with VM’s with active network connections even - suspend the VM, reboot the host, resume the VM, and as long as there was no TCP timeout - everything still active.

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Note that the window title changes when this is the case from

Windows PowerShell


Select Windows PowerShell

So you can know by looking for the word Select first in the window if you’re worried the console is paused for selection :slight_smile: