CATMOS - Welcome to the Catmosphere

Hi all! I’ve been part of the community since last April and I’ve really enjoyed my time here at ChiaForum. I’ve posted several tips over the last year and lots of details about my farming journey. Now I’d like to introduce you to my newest creation: CATMOS!

I officially launched the website yesterday after minting the new CATMOS CAT the evening before. It should be self-explanatory and I’m keeping more details close to the vest for now, but I think it’s going to be a lot of fun for everybody in the Chia community.

If you have q’s, ask them here but I might reserve the right to answer them for a few days until our first big event. A few days?!? That’s right. This isn’t vaporware or white-paper promises. This actually works, right now, and we start Sunday. :astonished:


I guess CATMOS will be used for CATfights? :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyway I’m in, throwing some spacebucks your way :slight_smile:

Do you have an account on keybase? good idea to post there also…

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Can you give some examples of “reasonable” offers. This to avoid pointless offers :slight_smile:



I’m accepting all CATs - hint: it is called Catmosphere for a reason! At this point I figure my coin is worth about as much as the other shitcoins so 1:1 is getting accepted all day! :slight_smile:


I guess my offer was generous then :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway, now I have some CATMOS :partying_face: curious to see what’s next to come!

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Congrats! Remember that I have no idea which offer was yours and I would have no idea if you…say…submitted another one. I mean maybe I could check wallet addresses for dupes? But I’m not that sophisticated yet and this is still just the pre-launch party. Over 12,000 CATMOS has been sent out via accepted offers already so you are in good company! Just ~88k more to go for this event.

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Some more info about the battle event coming up on Sunday!

Each battle event will be related to a specific CAT (Chia Asset Token). Each event will be a chapter in a larger story about that CAT. There will be different storylines for different CATs and ideally a different battle event every day featuring a different CAT. You will need some of that CAT for the event.

Sunday will be Chapter 1 of everybody’s favorite CAT with plenty of supply: SBX

You will earn CATMOS for the battle and any existing CATMOS you already have can even be used as a bonus multiplier.

The Catmosphere will give all the CATs a purpose they didn’t even know they had!

Update on launch event so far: We have accepted over 40 offers and we still have about 75,000 CATMOS available for a limited time at Congrats to the holders - hold on to those until Sunday at least! They will give you a bonus multiplier in the battle event.

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Down to about 25,000 CATMOS! To be clear: This is what’s left of the 100k pre-launch event. There is plenty more CATMOS, but it will never be airdropped - all newly minted CATMOS must be earned in battle after tomorrow!

However, we WILL be airdropping CATs as bonus prizes after the battle. For tomorrow’s battle, we will airdrop at least 50,000 SBX, plus all SBX received from now and through the event, to the top 100 players after the event has concluded.

More details about how that prize pool will be divided up later. In the meantime, if you’d like to donate the SBX prize pool, here’s our address: xch1cmzgu8hkhme7r33j3djs3vt9tmpzzx869m7fse3yjzpd63xkw4xst9neyk

To make it clear: all SBX in this wallet now and through this event will be airdropped to the top 100 players after the event, based on a formula that will be revealed later. It will all be verifiable on the blockchain!

Here’s a great video from @DigitalSpaceport that mentions Catmos!

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How do I add CATMOS into my Chia Wallet?

make an offer and upload it onto the website…
You will need to use the light wallet for this (DON’T install it onto your full node machine though)

The first battle page is up! Just testing for now, feel free to upload canceled offer files. Let me know if you break anything please!

We’ve been live for about 6 hours now and no major issues so far! Lots of offers coming in.

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Hey all, today we’re doing an auction for the rare SM1 token at! Gives you a chance to get one after the sold-out drop this morning!

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Latest event page is up!

Marmots vs The 300 Battle Event

This one’s gonna be fun! :slight_smile:

I’ve posted the updated rules and Attack Score Calculator! Once I’ve finished the last bits of the back-end code I’ll be posting a quick description here of how it all works - I think developers will like how scalable/simple the whole system is so far!

Catmosphere :seedling: on Twitter: “Less than 24 hours to go until the Marmots vs Spartans Battle Event! Now you can read all the rules and plan your attack with the Attack Score Calculator at! Which CAT will you choose: Spartans or Marmots? :smirk_cat::crossed_swords::pouting_cat:” / Twitter

We had a lot of fun with this one! If you want the play-by-play, here’s the thread on Twitter:

Catmosphere :seedling: on Twitter: “@The_300_SPTN If your offer wasn’t accepted or you have any other problems or just want to give us feedback for next time, come on by!” / Twitter

Congrats Team Spartan!

Our event this weekend is the CATMOS ZERO launch event! It begins in about 7 hours from now.

CATMSZ is a commemorative coin meant for early supporters of Catmosphere. Only 100 were minted.

Soon after the Chia NFT standard is published, you will be able to trade 1 CATMSZ for 1 customized, numbered CATMOS ZERO NFT.

Lots of other fun details here: CATMOS ZERO Launch Event

Good luck!

The latest event teaser page is up for our upcoming Sunday event! How about a game of Rock/Paper/Scissors against other players? Win CATMOS and VAL during our special VAL event here:

And remember, CATMOS ZERO holders will have an advantage! Sale ends Thursday - put in your offer now!

Good luck!