How this is possible?

wtf man wtf ?!

Is this your system? That’s really lucky or unlucky however you want to see it.

no it’s not mine. how come 10TiB won TWICE since Aug, 5 i’d like to know.

actually maybe it’s a bag

he didn’t get his 0,25 payments at all

I don’t think you will see the .25 on the pool payouts. That is sent directly to the member and would only show in the member’s wallet.

Lucky. I won twice in one day and at the time I only had about 200 plots.

Is it geography maybe? Could it b? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

No, location plays no part.

On the other hand i like that luckiness factor represted by truly randomness, just why am i so unlucky :unamused:

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If some are lucky then by definition some have to be unlucky. That is part of randomness. It doesn’t mean everybody will see equal results particularly not measured over the relatively short intervals you are looking at.

nah nah nah nah …

look at frequency of his partials. it twice and half (!!) more than mine while my space is at least twice bigger, no way this is just luck.

its more and more smells like scam. either the whole CHIA scheme hackable or manageable. either way - no fair no future.

in addition. there are plenty of errors in logs which NOBODY could ever explained, no documentations what so ever. yeah good work, is it blockchain in a first place?

everyone who has comparable or MUCH LOWER space weight has won at least one block but not me, i just take them from the top of the list, look:

Luck? It doesn’t seem this way.

You are stating all this without providing all the information for others to verify. Post a link to your dashboard so we can see what you are seeing.

As for errors that nobody can explain, which ones? I don’t know of any errors without a reason and clear explanation.

here is more:

why do i see it on my end? is there something wrong with my setup? if no - why have i been bothered with it?

Posting partial images of the log is not helpful. The Ip’s are cutoff and the rest of the line is not there. Also, images are not searchable. So you posting images does not help others when they are searching for that log entry. Post like this:

Found 1 proofs. Time: 0.83762 s. Total 3294 plots
2021-08-18T12:56:57.805 harvester chia.harvester.harvester: INFO     10 plots were eligible for farming 486976c2b2...
Found 1 proofs. Time: 0.89042 s. Total 3294 plots
2021-08-18T12:59:20.399 harvester chia.harvester.harvester: INFO     7 plots were eligible for farming 486976c2b2...

Using the </> button to highlight the section as preformatted text. This way we get the entire line of the log and anyone searching in the future can find it.

As for the errors you posted.

  1. Failed to fetch block: ignore this. This occurs when your system is trying to pull from a peer that does not have what you are wanting or is not responding quick enough. Not your problem.
  2. Harvester did not respond: Most likely you have a harvester misconfigured. Would have to know more about your setup to help.
  3. Exception: value … : This WAS a known bug two months ago but was marked as stale after the latest versions. Are you running the latest version?
  4. Short batch syncing: Also an old bug. Latest version?

I am running 1.2.2 since i was warned 1.2.3 has memory leak issue. Is it stable and i can upgrade now?

red belongs to that guy, greens are mine
WTF man WTF !???

What is your “Points Successful in Last 24 Hours” on your node?
Is the estimated plot size shown on the site correct?

Are there any errors in your logs from pool response?

I can’t comment on any memory leak. I have been running 1.2.3 since a couple days after it came out and have had no issues.

100% and yes! Also my remote harvester is set up in a proper way and each “proof found” time is near to 1 second.