NoSSD Chia Pool, +30% reward with new compressed plots, fast plotting without SSD

We have already published a docker image and detailed instructions on our docker hub page

If you look at eth minging software, there is planty of popular closed source miners made by anonymous groups. This is the reality of crypto mining. With GPU mining you can’t (or it is much harder) to run those miners in docker or a VM.

Here, you can relatively easily isolate the miner. I think the biggest risk is that fact that it produces proprietary plots that are useless outside of nossd environment.

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How could you hope that you addressed all my worries, when you addressed none of my worries?

I explained how I do not trust a number of computer issues, one of which is closed source code.

I am not worried. I have no need to be worried.

And calling people haters, because they will not hand over control of their computers to you, is not going to engender trust.

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I can’t find it on your page (in minging or help). Google search for “nossd docker” also does not return your docker page.
I think you need to make it easily discoverable. I consider as the entry point.

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I would say that it sums it up. You are wrong on both points (open source being safe and comparing two separately built binaries).

Please quote where I wrote that open source code is safe?

How is is comparing compiled binaries, to confirm that they are identical, wrong?

I dont fully get this discussion about running docker, and the risk to the machine involved. Don’t most sophisticated farmers run a dedicated farming machine?

I think it would be aself understanding to run a dedicated machine and have payouts set up.

There are 2 other questions that i have though:

a) given, a compression level 1 Plot takes 18.5GB less space, that comes down to 1 extra plot per 5.56 plots. To me that sounds like a <18% improvement. How do you get to the 20%

b) “By default, compression level 1 is used and 84.5 GiB plots are generated, but you can choose any compression level you want before start plotting. Be careful, plots with higher compression level require more CPU work during mining for decompression. The client runs benchmark at startup and shows how many plots of each size can be safely used for mining on your PC (assuming 90% CPU load).”
→ Modern CPU’s can require quite some energy. probably reducing power efficiency.
How well can low powered farmers still farm with this?

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NoSSD plot: 84.5 GiB
Chia plot: 101.3 GiB

1/84.5 = 0.011834
1/101.3 = 0.009872

0.011834/0.009872 = about 1,20 or 20% increase in rewards/GiB

Somebody need to check my math on this though :sweat_smile:


84.5 times 1.2 equals 101.4.
But your math looks way more scientific with all those fractions;-)

Compared to NoSSD plot a Chia plot takes 20% more diskspace.
Compared to Chia Plot a No-SSD plot takes ~16.6% less diskspace.

Wich proofs NoSSD team definetly has a Chief Marketing Officer aboard :grin:


let’s do the math.
84.5*101.3=8559.85 total space
chia plot 8559.85/101.3=84.5 84plots
nossd plot 8559.85/84.5=101.3 101plots


it makes sense “ONLY” when tickets of 84.5G is equal to tickets of 101.3G.

Their math is correct, if a plot is 50% smaller it will be 200% as efficient (ie. twice as much). If it’s 90% smaller it will be 10x more efficient.


We’ve added a link to our Docker repository in our recent website update

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Is it possible to add a docker repository for windows? @Anthony

You can use our docker image on windows if you have configured docker with wsl backend on windows

Thanks. What do I need to do to plot? I tried this, but this isn’t working.

docker run --name nossd -it -v M:\ nossd/client -d M:\ -a xch1dsluz7pacdfsdfsdfsdfsdfsdfsdfsdfsdf --m 256 -w mel -u 0 --p-threads 20 --m-threads 2 --check-plots

  1. -v is a docker option to map host path to a volume inside container, it should be something like -v "M:":/plots, then you use -d /plots inside container
  2. -m 256 is 256 bytes, add GB suffix to it
  3. 256 GB is too much, it doesn’t need more than 128 GB anyway
  4. docker image is built over a version without updater, there is no need to set -u option and it is isolated anyway so again there is no point to alter it
  5. –check-plots is an option to check existing plots, you may only need it if you copy plots from a damaged disk or bought them
  6. –p/m-threads options are a very fine control, you do not need them for now

Your command line should be:
docker run --name nossd -it -v "M:\":/plots nossd/client -d /plots -a <xch_reward_address> -w mel


Looks like the last payments didn’t go through? They are listed in payments page, but on the miner page it still says unpaid for that same amount, and nothing has been received.

We update balances after payment is confirmed by the network.
Maybe you opened your address page just few seconds after payment was sent.

It seems that transaction was confirmed ~50 seconds after it was sent.

Indeed, the block page hasn’t shown the new block win yet, that confused me. I thought the payment was from two days ago.

I would like to replot and give it a go but the biggest risk right now is these plots working only with this pool, if the pool/founders dissapear overnight it would mean that I have to replot again and waste months of hard work.