NoSSD Chia Pool update! GPU mining, 50.3GiB plots, >200% reward, new CPU & GPU plotters

Has anyone benchmark the RTX 4080 SUPER? What are the results for C15?

No point to multiple instances.
NoSSD supportes multiple GPS.

Depends on the size of the farm.
I have a 36 drive Supermicro, around 400 TB of drive, that’s running a single A2000 - but I’m having to run C14 as it won’t handle C15 with the single GPU.

I also have a 72 Drive Supermicro, around 900 TB of drive (mostly 14TB drives in that machine), being remotely farmed by a combination of 3x 1070 and a single 1080ti. The machine with the 1080ti ALSO has 14x14TB in local drives and one of the 1070, the other “farm” machine is dual 1070 and 6x8TB drives. MOst of the drives are at C15, I’m slowly replotting to C14 on those 3 machines due to the inbound plot filter halfing.

Since @QuintLeo “(post deleted by author)” before I got a chance to see, lets take a look…

The only key NoSSD has access to even to plot with is your PUBLIC key.
Even I can see the flat out LIE in that claim.

Well thats an interesting statement for a couple reasons, the first is, you’re using THEIR keys to make plots, which means the keys are tied to their pool and only they can create the blocks.

Didn’t you ever wonder why nobody could leave the NoSSD pool like you can with other plots?

(I suspect you learned the truth after claiming I was a liar, so you deleted your post)

The second and FAR more damning thing is that NoSSD software comes with libtorrent buried within the code (which they confirm), giving NoSSD remote update and execute on your system.

Perhaps if you get to know and understand the software you are using better you might realize the unnecessary security risks contained within it, you probably have things on your computer and local network that you may want to secure a little more now, because of them.


I don’t remember why I deleted the post - I did NOT “learn the truth” or anything else that would cause me to change my statement of the FACT that they only have access to that one key.
Probably I was hoping to be able to reply to something else but the “only 3 replies” stupid limit of these forums rose up and limited me even on a DELETED post.

libtorrent might be a risk - but it’s less of one than running Windows at all (I don’t), and I’ve seen NOTHING that indicated that the NoSSD people intend to use it for anything bad. They’e also released a version that does NOT include it, after all, and the only things on any of my Chia systems are chia-related stuff.

You run automatic update? Based on my experience, that’s a LOT more likely to cause issues.

Your constant complaints on this issue got old MONTHS ago, as nothing has happened to bear them out. NoSSD stands to make noticeably more money over time if they do NOT turn themselves into malware.

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Ahhhh yes, the old, you forgot why you deleted your reply calling me a liar but now you switch the story and move the goalpost from NoSSD having no access to now NoSSD does have access.

So suddenly you agree its a security risk? (weird because you just got done calling me a liar)

There is no “might” here, it is an unnecessary security risk, its why the overall crypto community has rejected programs that included it in the past, because any benefit is outweighed by the risk.

You aren’t only relying on the anonymous NoSSD developers to not abuse things, but anyone who compromises NoSSD because they want a ready-to-go bot network to take advantage of.

So its “might” and “less” of a security risk than Microsoft? Interesting how already your statements are changing, you went from calling me a liar to auto-update being a security risk even to you.

NoSSD put libtorrent right back into the next version. (thats a red flag if I ever saw one)

If the NoSSD software works fine without it and you yourself suggested auto-updates are a security risk, how can you with a straight face turn around and say this is okay for others?

Its amazing how quick logic and best security practices gets thrown aside for crypto.

Was reading old posts and found this

…so dawson’s real name is John?

Scroll up the page, click Dawsons name, and up pops a box that says John Dawson, I expect you can enter any name in your profile.

Yep, just added Fred Blogs to my profile.

…anyway, I was looking for nossd fees and for any promises made there and couldn’t find much.
Nossd is approaching dangerous levels of netspace and this is very bad for everyone in the chia ecosystem, including nossd.
What do you intend to do about it?

Are you considering raising pool fees to discourage adoption?
Are you considering blocking new plots from getting paid?


We are just minions that hold few XCHs in our pockets, so if it goes, it goes. At least, I don’t want to worry about it. On the other hand, there is a pre-farm that is mostly owned by potentially a handful of entities (based on CNI’s stock distribution that we don’t know and don’t need to know but can roughly guess). If anyone is losing sleep over it, I have no doubt those are the pre-farm owning people.

Looks like CNI has recently floated a switch to a new plot format that will be harder for Hellman attacks (harder for the current GPUs). That could be a good motivation for the existing plotter providers to fall in line.

If that doesn’t work, the logistics of such switch are basically the same as were already mentioned with respect to switching to k33 plots (some grace period followed by a hard fork). Although, there is a potential caveat to that, as to have it go through, the network consensus may need be there and that boils down who controls the netspace (not sure about this). I don’t know whether in this context controlling the netspace means controlling over 50% of it or being able to run majority attack (that at minimum requires 1/3 of the netspace and 1 fast timelord).

There is a third option as well, which may be the least expensive and potentially the fastest. CNI eats the crow and buys either GH or NoSSD at the price those parties require. This way, they can integrate that plotter into their code making it open-source.

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NoSSD could make it so that the farmer farms the block instead of the central pool, they could still have their pool, and captive farmers, but it would be thousands of farmers instead of one.

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It’s amazing how you take my words and twist them around to suit YOUR viewpoint.
I never said “no security risk”, I was just addressing YOUR lie about NoSSD having access to all of your keys - which it does not and you’ve never explained.
Nor have I ever said ANYTHING about “no risk for others” - that is a flat out FABRICATION on your part.

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The fees are comparable to a Gigahorse installation, when GH fees + pool fees are totalled.
I can’t state the exact numbers because pool fees VARY - it depends on WHICH pool you use, sometime the total is going to be a little lower, sometimes a little higher.

I do have to agree that this is little more risk than the HUGE premine, some of which has been sold but there is still a LOT of that hanging over the Chia space.

I pointed out many times they are NOT your keys, NoSSD uses a derivation of NoSSD keys for you, aka they have the master key with full control over “your keys” but you seem to be struggling with this.

Didn’t you ever wonder why the NoSSD pool makes all the blocks and not you, like you can with the official pooling protocol?

Didn’t you ever wonder why you can’t change from NoSSD to another pool with your plots, like you can with the official pooling protocol?

Didn’t you ever wonder why the nakamoto consensus is dropping like a rock due to NoSSD? Can you imagine why thats bad for the network?

CHIP22 may be a last resort before other measures are forced to be taken due to NoSSD, this may become a case of NoSSD and its users shooting themselves in the foot if they don’t adopt it.

I’m glad we can agree NoSSD having remote update and execute via libtorrent buried inside NoSSD is a security risk to users and the network as a whole.

Nakamoto coefficient is down to 6. It is a disaster

CNI was offered the tech when NoSSD invented they turned it down hard. Then they and other laughed at NoSSD thinking they could make a profitable pool. LOL who’s laughing now, CNI brought this on themselves, Maybe they should sell a shit ton more of their coins and buy the tech off NoSSD, but then that’s THIER money now huh. The FUD cry babies have gone from its a scam, to it will never be a successful pool, to its too big and a scam, to the world is gonna end. Cry me a river dude, this isn’t T-Bills, this is crypto play witha corporation that owns most of the dam coins.


Are you talking about this “slide”?

This is operating as designed.

So it was designed to ruin Nakamoto coefficient then.

I’m on nossd too, with 900eTB