Tip for going from MMX to BB compressed plots as a CPU farmer

Hey, I wanted to share a tip in case some farmers wants to switch from MMX to BB compressed plots.
First I’m a CPU farmer with 500TiB farm so C6 MMX or C6 BB is quite similar in term of farming, in term of capacity I’ll loose approx 4-5% of farm space but I trade this over random fees (farming solo) and transparency (MMX is closed source)

If you don’t want to loose any reward while replotting and keep using only 1 farmer :

  • With MMX plots join Flexpool and farm through Flexfarmer
  • Install Chia Alpha GUI, optional but recommended : create a new wallet and create BB compressed plots with new pool contract and farmer key

You’ll be able to farm both your MMX plots and the new plots created with BB with the Chia Alpha GUI

NB : I have a separate harvester for compressed plot creation and I’m sending them through network
With both computers under ubuntu, mounting the drive through samba on the harvester and plotting with bladebit cuda


Question, what OS are you using? Bladebit Cuda and windows 10 still has bugs and makes bad plots, they are working on fixing this. Windows 11 makes plots that pass plots check , they need to get the bugs out of the win 10 version (working on it). There are many configs to try and folks have to experiment with setups.

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I moved my farmer to Ubuntu 22.04 (So tired of sh**** windows update restarting the farm etc.) but if you have a RAID card for example it might be tricky without Windows, harvester is also under Ubuntu 22.04
Farmer config : Ryzen 5 5600G no GPU
Harvester config : HP Z420 256gb RAM Xeon 2650L with RTX 2080
I will try to check if plots pass plot check, it’s showing as farming and passing challenges on the Chia alpha GUI but better be safe than sorry

EDIT : Seems like it’s finding proofs when checked

They are to come out with offical version 2.0 that supports compressed plots and works on win 10, it has been said. Waiting for download file, need to test…
And you know that you can adjust your system to get updates when you want and not have it at 2:00am. etc

I tried everything with windows update (block service, edit group rules, etc.) but couldn’t get more than 25-30 days without a restart, I hope Ubuntu will be more reliable but no doubt it will be

Do you have any obligation for your farmer to stay on windows ? I was a bit hesitating myself at first but everything works like a charm on Ubuntu

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Its been running for over more than a year, and I am the one who goes to see if there are any updates.
Also I’m been more lazy since I’m on vacation for over 7 years now. I don’t want to mount and unmount dozens of drives etc any more.
Give this a read.



When you get your first dose of (CRS) you will know.

I’m having the same issues with windows update on win 11. Even when you disable it seems to come back in a few weeks.


The most used method for stopping automatic updates on Windows is to set the network connection as a metered connection 'cuz then the OS will not even download the files without you initiating that. https://www.howtogeek.com/226722/how-when-and-why-to-set-a-connection-as-metered-on-windows-10/

All of my home systems are set that way. They still annoy me with a popup at times reminding me to update, but that’s it.


Or just move to Linux and enjoy the high uptime life : updates are done without any reboot :slight_smile:

That’s strange, I’ve done updates on Linux and been informed I need to reboot.

Meanwhile W10 Professional never bothers me with updates, I just need to check occasionally at a time of my choosing.

You don’t need to, unless it’s a kernel update. Depends on your configuration too. You can have linux running for years without reboot, for Windows it’s very rarely the case.

No idea what it was, it was a load of updates as I hadn’t run it for a long time. I know there is also a major update available, but I didn’t download that.

Now I’ve finished plotting, I would like to get BB Cuda working, just to see how much quicker it plots out of curiosity when I get some time.

I have three SSDs, Linux Mint, W10 and W11, just swap the one I want, they are held in with Velcro so an easy swap.

GH C6 was for me the most efficient.

BB C5-C7 impossible to farm with any tourist CPU so far. Even Ryzen 9 3950X didn’t manage to farm C5 with decent proof times.

Currently, replotting BB C4 that is easily farmed by any old CPU within <1s.

What if >1s?
I am doing 1PB C5 on one harverster. CPU (E5-2690V4) loading is about 30%.

Recommended is <8s for full proof if I recall, or normal check…I do not recall.

I did bladebit_cuda simulate, on my Xeon E3-1275 v3 - C4 optimal.

Same CPU as above by tested with 3500 C7 plots, and it was running flat out 100% load…still couldn’t done proofs below 30s :smiley: Running RTX 3060Ti, added about 50W…dropping efficiency, and cashflow.

You have to do some tests. My theory is FIFO (First In First Out) - if there is a fight for a block, fastest wins…unsure whether it still works with Chia farming, though.

I am for efficiency…in theory, compression looks great on paper…in reality, if you pay electricity bills (even those kids that cannot do math, and do not understand solar energy is not for free), you need max cashflow.


One thing for sure, solar energy is not free. I (I am in USA) have a 10kW solar system. $$$ up front.

But once you’ve got it, its a sunk cost. Even then now we get paid decent money to export it still has a cost if we use it.

people cannot do simple math.

In Switzerland the usual 2kW PV (10x PV panel @ 200W max cap) costs 60k CHF to install. Allegedly, it works for 25 years. My friend has got one for 15 years. PV panels wear out, it is simple Sun physics…you won’t recognize efficiency drop.

Maybe, the new systems have some sort of diagnostic where you can watch generated power…is Sun same as 10 years ago? who knows

anyway…let’s say 25 years is real…it means 2400 CHF/year…2kW PV generates perhaps 500Wh average 8 hours per day average…no batteries, no Sun, no electricity. let’s say 4kW generated per day…but there are rainy days…at least by us.

Your PV system generates 4kW x 365 = 1460kWh/year…which means each 1kWh costs you 0.60 CHF…we currently have 0.31 CHF/kWh from power net. I do not see how PV, wind is better than fossil “crap”

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I think you have you’re sums and figures desperately wrong there (surprising for someone so good at maths!) or solar is ridiculously expensive in Switzerland. It is also extremely unlikely anyone is installing 200w panels (maybe on mobile homes etc), even the ones I had fitted in 2015 are 250w, the ones I fitted this year are 395w, which is mid range these days.

In 2015 I installed 4kW of panels for £6600, by about two years ago they had paid for themselves, and that system is now paying towards the additional system I installed earlier this year. That 4kW of panels in its lifetime has generated 34.7MWh of electric.

I now have a total of 8.74kW of panels, and since February have generated 7550kWh of electric, we use half that, we get paid decent money for our exports, and since April when I switched tariff our electricity bills have been negative, they pay us, even in October :slight_smile:

I also know someone who had a system installed in 2012, 11 years later its still working very well, and paid for itself many times over.

I know you’re going to come back and tell me I’m wrong though, wait for it…

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