Chia cat from wallet

Does anyone know what are the cats that come in this wallet, where are they sold, where are they exchanged, what is their value?cat

I dont know what cats you have… or even what I have lol.
But they’re smart contract tokens .
If you’ve bought none they are prob the free ones that were awarded for minting a block .
If so they can / will be used for savings on chia merch.

I’ve not heard of a secondary mkt, other than on this forum, someone released their own cats, and does battles / races i believe, and they allowed you to swap other cats for their cats to compete .

You can look for their information on using their asset id.

To exchange CATs, use offers.

There are several exchanges:

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Just reporting sonething odd since clicking on the 1st link on above post for taildb.

I have never looked at nft sites and have no interest in them.

Not long after opening that link I’ve had an email asking me to verify my acc at , a site I had never visited and certainly not tried to open an account at.

Could be coincidence, just seems odd timing.

That’s probably coincidence. I don’t think taildatabase has anything to do with I have accessed taildatabase many times but never got any email from opensea.