[Joint Venture] XCH Farming Partnership (ROI 100% in a month)


  • ROI 100% in a month (As per 27 August 2021)
  • You only paid for once, and get split profit every week
  • 100% revenue for you until you get your ROI back
  • In case i stop the partnership you got the plot, that plotted using your key
  • Small investment (Start at $25)
  • Payment using Paypal or Crypto
  • Its using online storage / cloud storage, which i dont know if the cloud provider will ever delete the plot (i already farm more than 1 month, and no account being banned as for now though)

Since Thread cannot be edited after 24 Hours, i will update the thread here

So a bit background for this JV (you can skip this if you want, it is just talk a bit of my rant), a few days ago i launch another JV [Join Venture] Plotting my 10 PB Storage which dont turn to be so successful, i just dont understand why its not working, the ROI is just about 2-3 month, after that it is free money, the cloud provider also only plan to stop unlimited storage at june 2022 which is about 10 month from now, and according what i read, there is no mention that they will delete file that already there. i just got annoyed and optimize my machine that now its 50% faster, just so i can plot my storage faster and prove that i can farm 10 PB and got profit. Until yesterday i try to reflect the cause of my failed JV, and realized my JV is cater too small of people who not only have a good speed to plot, but also need to have a very good internet connection, which is more harder than to get fast plotting speed. so i try to contact some big plotter service, and pick a best deal from one of them, that can plot and upload it into my online storage. Now i open this new JV, in hope can cater more people from much larger audience, and get better result than my last JV)

So here is the form of the partnership in general:

  1. each 0.2$ you invest will get 1 plot that will harvest by me as long as possible
  2. each of your 0.2$ will be used to order 1 plot for the Plot Service
  3. the profit split will only happen when you get your investment back
  4. the split profit is 50% for you, 40% for me, and 10% for Plotter
  5. In case i stop the partnership and the plot still available in online storage , you can download it
  6. Cost for cloud storage and harvesting is about 0.017$ per k32 plot deducted from total revenue, and only be applied after you get your 100% ROI, before that i will paid the cost

there is 2 option

  1. Shared Partnership
  • Minimum investment is 25$ (125 plot)
  • The plot will be plotted using your key
  • Using my Hpool account
  • For the sake of transparency, i will give vnc account that can be login in view-mode, so you can see hpool page directly that will get update every several minute
  1. Solo Partnership
  • Minimum investment is 500$ (2500 plot)
  • The plot will be plotted using your key
  • You can choose to use your own Hpool account or mine
  • For the sake of transparency, the hpool owner will give vnc account that can be login in view-mode, so other side can see hpool page directly and the page need to get update every several minute, or something that acceptable by both side

Here is my Hpool That use cloud farming:

Before that i also use Hpool to Farm my OG Plot

You cannot even turn a profit farming Chia in the cloud and you certainly cannot return 100% of ROI in a month doing so.

This is a stupid and obvious scam.

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Lol i already run legit plot service, some client even give me a good feedback

What “legit” plotting service do you run? What is it’s business name and address? Where are your reviews? Who is stupid enough to pay you to plot?

This is the second scam thread you have started.

Bugger off.

By legit i mean i already fulfilled my obligation to client , according the term that being accepted by both side

Not to mention my Plot service is the 2nd cheapest on this forum, i only found 1 thread that can beat my price :wink:

Your price means nothing if you are running scams.

What “legit” plotting service do you run? What is it’s business name and address? Where are your reviews? Who is stupid enough to pay you to plot?

This is the second scam thread you have started.

Bugger off.

How can i running scam whan i delivered the order

you are talking without proof :wink:

If someone stupid enough to pay 0.3$ per plot then what you call for someone who pay 0.35$-1$ per plot ???

Nobody in their right mind is paying someone else to plot.

If you have actually reeled in some suckers I feel for them.

This is a scam. Stay away.

Again you are talking without proof, the burden of proof is on you, i will wait your evidence from you patiently :smiley:

In a civil lawsuit, the burden of proof rests on the plaintiff or the person filing the suit. The plaintiff should prove that the allegations are true and that the defendant, or the other party, caused damages. When it comes to establishing a civil case, the plaintiff must usually do so by a preponderance of evidence.

Offering 100% ROI in thirty days is all the evidence I need.

You are a a bad con artist. Bugger off.


Yes thats what estimation i get from https://chiacalculator.com/ per 27 August 2021, what you get is not evidence thats assumption

even thats not happen in a month, the revenue will be for investor until 100% ROI

As you continue changing lanes and trying to bury or obfuscate my last response I will answer yet again.

How much are you paying monthly for your 10 PiB of storage? What guarantee do we have that you will continue to pay for it?

If you are not paying for it, then WTF are you doing here? You could make pile of money in short order without fishing for investors here.

You can make the Chia calculator say anything you want, most of it stupid.

Cloud storage made little economic sense when Chia was over $1000. Now Chia farming to the cloud now is a guaranteed way to lose money.

Anybody who sends you a penny deserves to lose their money.

You are a bad con artist. Bugger off.

Who decide farming to the cloud is a guaranteed way to lose money ??

Just because you cant do something, doesnt mean somebody cant do either :slight_smile:

You just dont know the information, albeit thats information is not easily can be found and easy to learn. Do you know how long i learn this “information” ?? its back when burst is still a thing, about 2016-2017, do you even mining back then? back then i somewhat late into the party, and just waiting that new coin will be appeared again, and voila its happen in Chia, with my past knowledge i try to farm in the cloud, it is not easy , but i try patch here and there, so now its profitable for me to do farm in the cloud

You refuse to answer any real questions and continue to try and convince us that you have some secret to making money. You do not. Trying to target peeps greed by claiming you have a secret money machine is the classic con.

You have been thoroughly discredited in both of your, “Join Venture” threads.

Anybody who reads your nonsensical posts would be a fool to send you money. You scamming here is done.

The economics of cloud farming were discussed at length and shown to be the best way to lose money farming Chia month’s ago, when one XCH was worth over $1000.

There has also been extensive discussion on ROI. I am hoping for a ROI in approximately two years. Others have chatted about hoped for ROI of one to three years. Only those who got in VERY early and plotted fast had any chance of an ROI in under a year. Your claims of ROI in 1-3 months for an investment in Chia farming today are blatant nonsense.

You are asking peeps to send you money to plot to a cloud that you do not own or pay for and on which the plots could disappear at any time at the whim of the actual cloud owner.

I will not waste any more of the community’s or my time on you, “Goodwill”. Even your handle is part of your con.

For the last time, you are a bad con artist. Bugger off.

Yes i refuse to answer your question, Who are you ?? i dont have any obligation to answer your question, and seems its not benefit me at all.

Tbh I am not so sure either if its secret or not, but from your first reply i know you are clueless about cloud farming

scam con bla bla bla, yet you dont bring any evidence if i ever scam anyone :thinking:

The fact is:

  1. Until now i dont scam anyone
  2. Already doing plot service, and already fulfilled hundreds or thousands plots to client, admin can check my PM if they want, to check how real my order were

I’m out! Best of luck to you.

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I’m out! Best of luck to you.

Thanks, you too.

Highlight and bold “Until now”.

And it is “Joint Venture” not Join.

And when you say you are going to list 2 options, don’t list 4.

by 100% ROI after a month, you mean if someone gives you 1000 USD you will return 2000 USD after 30 days?

Because no one knows exactly in the future, do you knows exactly at what times you will pee tomorrow? Do you ever miss your lunch, even you are not planning it??

Its a fact because its already done, nothing will change it, if its a thing that can be change in the future it should not be considered fact , its pseudo fact

and thanks for your advise, already implement that